GloriWindersHomeGlori Winders is a minister, motivator, author, crafter and cook whose forte is working with dietary restrictions to create delicious, easy to prepare foods. Inspired by her research into nutrition, Glori’s recipes embrace the general guidelines of the Paleo diet and focus on organic meats, poultry, and seafood, with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats–a great way to eat for those who suffer from autoimmune issues, diabetes, inflammation, gluten intolerance, or who would like to shed some unwanted weight.

She does practice what she peaches.  In fact, Glori lost 70 pounds in 5 months due to the Paleo Diet and the best Candida Cleanse she has ever used.

Glori’s quest for allergy-friendly, body-healing foods began with her own experience with Candida overgrowth—and the serious health issues it brought. Through research IMG_7803and trial, Glori became a master at reinventing classic recipes to be both delectable and allergen-free. With her husband’s encouragement, Glori wrote her first cookbook, The Yeast Free Cooking Manual, over eight years ago. Today, The Yeast Free Cooking Manual is sold in over 25 countries world-wide and has helped countless people regain their health and continue to enjoy delicious food.

Glori’s career covers more than just food. Inspired by the frequent likening of herself to “The 31 Woman” in the 31st Chapter of Proverbs, Glori was humbled and inspired to begin writing and sharing her thoughts in her “31 Woman” blog at, where she shares healthy recipes made from whole foods, craft and home décor ideas, health and beauty tips, and wisdom on parenting, marriage, business, and life, all aimed to help others live the abundant life in spirit, soul, and body.

IMG_7921Glori has been married for over twenty-five years to her husband, Tim. Since 1990, the two have partnered many times in entrepreneurship. They have two grown children, Dulce and Joshua.  Since becoming empty-nesters in 2013, Glori and Tim have become full-time travelers, writing and launching new businesses while seeing the beauty and splendor of the world.