Finally Free From Candida Overgrowth!

In HEALTH by Glori

1I am finally free of Candida!  And, I have to share with you the reason but first let me give you a bit of background.

About 15 years ago through some medical situations and medication I ended up with a case of Candida Albicans overgrowth.  I was first treated by a naturopath that prescribed the very strict Yeast-Free Diet along with some supplements.  This did help as long as I did not stray too far from the diet.  Over the years I created and collected so many Yeast-Free recipes that I ended up writing the Yeast Free Cooking Manual which has now been sold in over 20 countries.

Five years ago I had a period of major stress with having to pack up my mother’s home, move her unwillingly to an assisted living facility, my oldest left for college in another state, my husband’s business took a hit with the downturn in the economy and more.  I was running ragged and did not eat as I should or get the rest that I needed.

As a result, the symptoms of skin rashes, itching, joint inflammation and muscle soreness reached an all time high.  I finally went to a doctor, which I hate doing.  He diagnosed me with autoimmune issues, of course.  And, prescribed steroids.  I knew better, but I was in such pain I didn’t care what the side effects were.  Dumb, I know.

Well, they worked and I finally felt myself again.  I had so much energy.  My skin cleared.  The pain stopped.  It was wonderful.  But, every time I tried to stop taking the prednisone the pain would come back with a vengeance.

For the past three years, I have been in a nightmare.  The prednisone kept my symptoms under control but as time went on it seemed to take stronger and stronger doses for it to work as well.  If I tried to stop, the pain came back worse.  I gained over 80 pounds.  My stomach was so distended I looked pregnant and when I bent over to tie my shoes it was painful.

I was plagued with vaginitis and thrush on my tongue.  My hair thinned.  The brain fog was unbearable.  I couldn’t remember things, couldn’t write, just couldn’t think.    It made working and blogging quite difficult.  In fact, if you look at my blog the posts have been slim over the last few years.

In January of this year, I decided no more!  I was going to figure out something to get out of the situation.  I had been praying for a breakthrough.

My husband and I had become full-time travelers in the midst of all this turmoil, but I was unable to enjoy the sites and opportunities that we were experiencing.  He actually first came across the Candida Cleanser and sent me the link.  I did some research and decided to give it a shot.

The only problem was that the Cleanse took 45 days to complete and we were about to head to Australia to visit our daughter.  So I was not able to begin the cleanse until we were stationary for a period of time.  I am now in the last 10 days of the cleanse.

I no longer have thrush on my tongue.  It is pretty and pink, just like it should be.  I  don’t have vaginitis.  I am totally off of the steroids.  I have lost 30 pounds.   And, I am beginning to feel like myself again.  The brain fog is lifting.

I will not deny that there were days that I just wanted to sleep all day and felt awful from the die off.  I felt as though I had the flu and had no energy.  I think that my immune system was using every ounce of strength that it had fighting to get rid of the candida.

I celebrated my 50th birthday in the midst of the cleanse.  Not exactly how I had envisioned my special day, but we leave for New Zealand in a few weeks and I plan on fully taking advantage of feeling good, my youth being renewed and a new sense of wellbeing.

If you are dealing with candida overgrowth and need relief, I encourage you to check out this site – CANDIDA CLEANSER.  I have been so impressed with the outcome of my cleanse that I reached out to this company so that I could offer their product to my followers.  It has worked wonders for me.  I pray it will do the same for you.

UPDATE: I lost a total of 90 pounds in just 4 months with a combination of the Candida Cleanser and eating mostly a Paleo diet and Faith. I feel so much better, look so much better and think so much better. If it worked for me, it will work for you, too.