The Journey to Paleo


Before & After

People have asked me why I have chosen to eat Paleo and to me it just makes sense.  I’m not a cross-fitter.  I don’t eat bacon grease as a snack.  I just want to eat good, wholesome food that makes me feel great.  I want to be in good shape: fit & trim.

Because of health issues over the years, I have conducted a good deal of research on diets.  I ate a Candida Diet for years which is very stringent.  But, all of my symptoms were not going away.

About three years ago, I finally felt so bad that I went to the doctor (which I hate to do) and he put me on steroids and talked about the possibility of all kinds of auto-immune issues.  The steroids made me feel great for a time, but my appetite increased.  And, even if I wasn’t eating a bunch of food I was gaining weight.  I packed on about 60 pounds.  It was horrible.   Plus, my body became accustomed to the steroids and felt a thousand times worse if I tried to stop them.

I knew something had to change.  So, I began my food research again.  And this time embraced the Paleo diet.  Not because our ancestors ate that way but because it made sense.  Lots of fresh vegetables, fruits (which are not allowed on the Candida Diet), Apple Cider and other Vinegars (again not on the Candida Diet), fresh meats, poultry and seafood, coconut, nuts, seeds and homemade fermented foods.  Yum!

I already knew that dairy caused me and my family issues.  We had cut it out of our diets years ago.  But, we had continued to eat grains: brown rice, freshly ground wheat, etc.  These items are not allowed on the Paleo diet because our “ancestors” did not eat cultivated foods.  The reason that I am willing to give these items up is again common sense.   With the high rate of people who have gluten and digestive issues it is obvious that we are doing something wrong in our diets.  Let’s face it our grains are not the same grains that our grandparents ate.  They are now genetically modified.

So we made the switch to Paleo.  9 months ago, we recorded a number of videos of me cooking Paleo.  I began writing a cookbook, The Top 21 Quick & Easy Paleo Recipes, which is now complete.  I weaned myself off the steroids, which took about 5 months.  And I was losing a little weight.

Four months ago, I added in a Candida Cleanse (which is the best one I have ever done) to the Paleo Diet and the weight began melting away.  I am now 60 pounds lighter!  I feel so much better.

So This is why I have “gone Paleo.”  To Eat Healthy, Lose Weight and Feel Great!

My daughter told me a few days ago after she proofed a copy of my cookbook for me that it was unlike other Paleo books that she had read.   These were real recipes, simple to prepare, without crazy ingredients.  I guess that’s what I am about.  Simple & Real.  (or some might say real simple – ha.)

 PS – My After photo was taken in New Zealand, thus the reason I am wearing a turtleneck in July. Oh, and I’ve lost another 8 pounds since it was taken for a total of 60!!!!