Paleo Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup



In case you are still looking for tasty Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes for your celebration this week I am here to help out. I may not be able to get in the kitchen with you, but I can offer up some great advice. These are my favorite recipes that I have seen so far this year around the web. Many of these dishes will be on my family’s table come Thursday.

pumpkin spiced latte

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

What a delicious way to start the day! A Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Against All Grain is the perfect treat to get you moving on Thanksgiving morning.


sage turkey

Easy Roasted Turkey with Sage Butter

I love simple turkey recipes. Roasting a turkey should not be a frightening experience. This is a great recipe that will make your turkey the star of the meal.

pork medallions

Pan Fried Pork Medallions

If turkey is not your thing, then try something different this year. Use some poultry seasoning to flavor these pork medallions and it will tie all of your flavors together.


Untitled design copy

The Best Green Bean Casserole

Here is a great Paleo makeover for the classic Green Bean Casserole!


cranberry brussel sprouts

Maple-Cranberry Brussels Sprouts

I love Brussels Sprouts and these look delicious and festive. Plus, they are not only Paleo, but also AIP.


braised carrots

Braised Carrots

These carrots are so good with a hint of honey and nutmeg. Yum.


brussel sprouts

Best Ever Brussels Sprouts 

This is one of my all time favorite recipes. It goes great with everything. It’s visually stunning. And, even if you don’t normally like Brussels Sprouts, you will love these.


roasted veggies

Roasted Veggies

This is such a versatile recipe. Change the veggies to whatever you have on hand or whatever your family prefers. And, it’s super simple, too!


squash side dish

Acorn Squash with Walnut & Cranberries

This recipe from Paleo Leap just looks festive. A tasty side dish that adds a great deal of visual appeal.


butternut squash risotto

Butternut Squash Risotto

What a unique take on Risotto from Autoimmune Paleo. With this great dish no one will ever miss the mashed potatoes.




Pumpkin Coconut Soup

This soup is a breeze to throw together especially with the Vitamix blender.


Shrimp & Bacon Dressing

Shrimp & Bacon Dressing

This just sounds yummy! Plus, it’s Paleo, Grain Free & Dairy Free.


Paleo Stuffing

Best Ever Paleo Stuffing (Dressing) shared this stuffing/dressing recipe that looks amazing. I’m pretty sure you will never miss plain, old boring stuffing again.


cranberry sauce

Citrus-Spiced Cranberry Sauce

Here is a great cranberry sauce recipe from He Won’t Know It’s Paleo.


Untitled design

Paleo Pumpkin Cheesecake

This recipe comes from and looks decadent. A Great dessert to enjoy at the end of the day.


pumpkin pie

Pumpkin Pie, Paleo Style

This is such a tasty treat. You will never miss the pie crust. It also makes a wonderful breakfast.


Untitled design-2

Paleo Pumpkin Raisin Cookies

Here is a great recipe for all the children to enjoy. I am not a big fan of raisin’s in my cookies, so I might substitute dried, unsweetened cranberries.


pumpkin pie bites

Pumpkin Pie Bites

Paleo Leap shared this great recipe for Pumpkin Pie Bites. Aren’t they just cute as “pie.”

Hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup. Have a super day enjoying your friends and family.