No Other Name (Live) by Hillsong Worship

UMG_cvrart_00602537826858_01_RGB72_1500x1500_14UMGIM20948.170x170-75While we were living in Brisbane, Australia this year we had the pleasure of attending Hillsong Church.  These are the songs that we sang during praise and worship for those three months.  It is so wonderful to be able to have them to listen to and worship along with since we are no longer in Australia.  This is a wonderful album.  You will truly be uplifted and enjoy every note!  And, it’s ALL ABOUT JESUS!!!!!

We Are Young & Free (Live) by Hillsong Young & Free

UMG_cvrart_00602537511365_01_RGB72_1500x1500_13UAAIM44216.170x170-75-2A treat while we were in Brisbane was to attend Easter services hosted by Hillsong at the Royal Convention Center.  That evening praise and worship was led by Young & Free Hillsong which was birthed out of their youth group.  They were fantastic.  The music is fresh and full of heart and soul.  The band was high energy and fun. You will just love this music! I love to listen when I need a pick-me up. It does the trick in no time. Plus, it’s all about Jesus!!!